Powerful and flexible conference planning tools

Specializing in online paper management and scientific submission and review processes
We offer a robust, feature-rich, and highly-configurable range of online software tools to help you plan a successful conference of any size.

For over 15 years Linklings has provided full event life-cycle functionality for conferences ranging from small and simple to the most rigorous and complex. We help your entire conference planning committee to collaborate from one convenient and integrated interface.
What does Linklings offer?

Submission and Review Package

A paper management system that supports most any submission and review process, including the most rigorous peer review processes.

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Committee Support Package

A feature-rich, internal-type website for conference committee members.

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Infrastructure Package

Use your resources effectively to make the best possible setting for your presenters and attendees.

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Why choose Linklings?

Flexible Tools

Extremely flexible tools that support most any conference planning processes.

Powerful Software Features

Select from a wide assortment of powerful software features.

Personal Support

Highly responsive, expert, and personal support that our clients rave about.

Advanced Peer Review

Get the best possible content for your event. We support a wide variety of review processes, including single- and double-blind processes.

Practical Experience

Providing real solutions from years of experience to make the planning process as smooth as possible.

Effective Collaboration

Creating an environment for committee members to efficiently and effectively collaborate and plan.
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